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Family & Friends' Day:

It's a Carnival!

On Friday, May 25, 2018, Hancock County Head Start hosted its annual Family & Friends’ Day at the M.E. Lewis Elementary playground area. Family and friends accompanied Early Head Start/ Head Start& Pre-K children as they engaged in physical development (fine and gross) and amusing activities. The highlight of the day was the exciting T-Ball game of Head Start vs Pre-K. The children ran from base to base with such agility. Both team played well but the winner was the Pre-K team. [Read more...]


Muffins for Moms

Hancock County EHS/ HS & Pre-K hosted our annual “Muffins for Moms” event.  The day begin with each mother/ mother figure engaged in activities in their child’s classroom to demonstrate the knowledge and skills each child has learned throughout the year. After the classroom activities, the mothers join the event at Hancock County Early Head Start Center that began with soft music and a beautifully decorated room that exemplified the worth of the mothers/ mother figures of the students of Hancock County Early Head Start/ Head Start & Pre-K. This event was created to demonstrate adoration to each mother as she sacrifices her needs for her children, demonstrate integrity, compassion, humility, and love every day. [Read more...] 

Million Men School Day

The Million Men School Day is an opportunity for men to show their commitment to the educational lives of their children throughout the school year. This is a national initiative that was created by the Black Star Project that begun in 2004, fathers and other significant male caregivers across the country and around the world has been asked to participate in their child’s education. This day is the beginning of a year-long commitment of men to their children’s educational success. This initiative is a yearly event; however, the program decided to have two sessions. [Read more...]



The Hancock County Early Head Start & Head Start/Pre-K program vision is to educate families and children by providing a diverse learning experience


Philosophy, Goals, and Objectives

Hancock County Head Start Program is based on the premise that all children share certain needs and can benefit from a comprehensive developmental program focusing on promoting school readiness through positive social and education skills. This program is tailored to fit the needs of the local community and families involved as well as to maximize the unique experiences of each child’s desire to become lifelong learners.  Head Start supports and encourages parental involvement and provides comprehensive services to enhance family development in the following areas: Health, Mental Health, Disabilities, Literacy, Nutrition, Education, Transportation, Family Support, Community Partnerships, and Parent Involvement. [Read more]

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